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Teer Game or Teer Khel, is there popular game in northeast state "Meghalaya". In India, Most of teer game played in Meghalaya state. Most popular Teer game in Shillongm Juwai and Khanapara. There are lots of teer counters are present in different parts of Meghalaya but popularity gained by "Shillong Teer Game".

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What is Teer Game?

Teer Result

Meaning of Teer "Archer". Teer Game means it's a game of Archery. Basically this game played in Meghalaya State (Northeast State of India). It gains popularity in Shillong, Meghalaya and later it play in different parts of Shillong like Khanapara, Juwai and other regions.

There are thousands counters of Teers.

Teer Result Shillong, Juwai, Khanapara

Teer is basically archery game but you must understand that Teer Game or Teer Khel is only legal in Meghalaya State. No other state have legal permission of Teer Game.

Most of people know about Teer game and "How to calculate Daily Teer Result Shillong, Juwai, Khanapara?". There are teer clubs in different parts of Meghalaya and professional Teer (Archers) hit a one target.

After hitting all arrows on target and arrows on target calculated. After counting complated; last two digits are taken as a winning number or Teer Result of that day.

Archers hits total arrows on targets are 3045 then today's winning number is 45.

You choose your Teer number from 01 to 99.

This Teer game is playing in two rounds, first round and second round.

If you want to play for Teer first round then you must guess your teer winning numbers before 4pm and for second round you must guess your teer number before 5pm.

Teer Rewards

Now days, you get a nearly 80 Rupees for 1 Rupee.

Teer Common Numbers/ Hit/ Target

Teer common number is the prediction of Today's Teer Results. Few peoples are uses some Teer Formulas to win a Teer game but there is not exact formula to win Teer Game.

No-buddy can gives you exact number for Teer day's Results.

Teer Dream Number

One of the famous method to get a Teer Number Prediction is "Teer Dream Number". Few of people are believing that some objects and any other clue in your dream that become a set of Teer Number for that particular date. But it's not gives you exact Results.

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